Frequently Asked Questions

What is this site?

this site its a PTC,here you can earn free money watching ads or completing surveys and tasks,also you can advertise here to promote your websites or grab referrals to your favourite sites



what i can do in this site?

in this site you can watch ads,complete surveys watch videos ,talk with another users,post in the forum and advertise on it


how can i earn some money?

you can earn some money watching ads or completing tasks,the money its intsant converted to main balance,in this balance you can withdraw every time you reach the minimun of withdraw

what method of withdraw exist?

at the moment we have paypal and bitcoin to withdraw and deposit

to withdraw my earnings i need to deposit first?

no,all of your earnings are for you and for free

how can i advertise in this site?

if you create and earner account you need to change this to earner + advertiser here . here you can change,then go to the advertirsers option and purchase as you want

how can i change my avatar?

you can change your avatar here remember you only can put images 100x100

i request mi withdraw but not appears what i can do?

you need to wait,all withdraw request proces manually and the administrators of the site need to check it and says ok this process can take 24-72 hours

i can use my main balance to advertise?

yes,you can transform thunder points or your balance to purchase balance here