Terms of Service

Terms of service

Before registering at thunderclix.com you should read these terms of service,you must understand and accept these conditions if you do not understand any point before registering ask our support
If you do not accept some of these terms you should not register


  1. your browbser must acept cookies
  2. we use these cookies to improve browsing and user experience, we also use them to show ads in which you may be interested
  3. These cookies will not be sold, they will only be shown to the advertising companies for statistical purposes.


user accounts

  1. user accounts are unique and private you are free to choose the username that you like the most without being offensive you can also choose the password you want
  2. the password is personal and non-transferable, it will be your responsibility to remember it and that no one will see it, we keep that password and encrypt it to avoid possible thefts
  3. We are not responsible for illegally made password / identity thefts, we will try to protect all data as best we can
  4. you can only have a user account at the moment we see that you have more than one account will be subject to permanent banking regardless of what you have in those accounts, with no option to recover your money
  5. Ads can only be viewed once per account every 24 hours. If we detect that you use a program or do any activity to see ads more than 1 time every 24 hours, it will cause permanent banning and may take legal action against you if the damage was serious.
  6. the currency used in this web page by default will be the dollar (usd) although it can pay and withdraw in bitcoin


  1. you can have as many referrals as your type of membership allows you to have
  2. It is completely forbidden to self-refer as well as the creation of multiple accounts under the same downline
  3. you can use all advertising methods to get referrals as long as they are legal, in no way will we accept bots under any circumstances
  4. the referrals can never modify the account that referred them
  5. you can rent / buy referrals as long as they are available


anti-cheating policy

  1. It is strictly forbidden to use traps on this website, it is understood as traps bots, programs for the acceleration of the announcement, modify the amount of money in account, more than 1 accounts, etc.
  2. all attempts to cheat are recorded
  3. All the traps made will have as consequence a permanent banning of the web page, also legal actions can be taken against you if the damages caused to the advertisers are serious


payments to users

  1. once you reach the minimum of withdrawal you can request payment either paypal or bitcoin the minimum required varies depending on the payment method and the bitcoin price
  2. you are free to withdraw as many times as you want the money you have earned is yours for that reason you can withdraw every time you reach the minimum retirement
  3. payments require confirmation by our administrators so they are not instantaneous and may take 24-72 hours to be made
  4. we become part of the charge of the commissions imposed by the different methods of payment but the other part must take charge of you
  5. If you need to register your account to make a withdrawal, we are not responsible for the bad management on your part or for any error when you put your account
  6. thunderclix.com is only responsible for giving confirmation of payment any error with payment platforms will be the responsibility of the platform without us having anything to do



  1. at Thunderclix.com we accept all types of ads that may be contained within the iframe, but the advertised page must not contain malicious content for users
  2. we ask users who wish to upload ads for adults who in the description put a +18 is not required but if some user does not like to see these topics will be grateful
  3. the web page must load in a few seconds otherwise the time will start to count whether or not you see your web page


payments to thunderclix.com and refund

  1. all payments made to thunderclix.com should be made through the methods provided by this website everything you do outside of these methods will not be visible to you and will not be credited anything
  2. no payment is reimbursable since it is a service we offer at the time of purchase, if you have problems with a purchase you can put a ticket to the support and we will help you



  1. thunderclix.com is not responsible for the damages caused when viewing advertisements or the clicks that the users may make in the advertisements offered by other users.
  2. We are not responsible for insults humiliating that may occur in the chat, the moderators will be attentive to avoid it as far as possible
  3. thunderclix.com is not responsible for the theft of accounts and identity thefts
  4. thunderclix.com is not responsible in case you lose money or make a bad investment
  5. thunderclix.com is not responsible for advertisers and users ads as well as ads providers of thunderclix.com
  6. thunderclix.com is not responsible for the taxes that your country requires you to pay to earn money online you are required to declare that money in accordance with the trade rules of your country